Heaven Hell


Monday, March 11, 2013 

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Heaven / Hell

Heaven Hell :

Quasar Black Hole


TRANSFORMATION : the Creation Metaphor ~ 1996 painting of Black Hole / Quasar...

“After all we are beings of StarDust riding the stream of consciousness adding or shedding form.  The struggle in a material form is our spiritual journey provided by our star, the Sun (without the sun’s photons we would perish).

In the painting 1996 the concepts of Heaven (Quasar pulsars) with brilliant beams of light are undulating : the heart body in form.  Beings are attracted to the light. The light reaches a galaxy like the Milky Way pulsing beams into matter.  A living photon belt.

The struggles of beings can be seen in the Greek tales of Star Constellations.  The spiritual challenge coalesces (Heaven/Quasar) with the Egyptians idea of “Lighted Beings” (lighter than a feather) as opposed to the duality in the absence of light (abyss, black hole, hell ) forever. 

Metaphorically, in the pulse of matter, it is never truly the end...in the reincarnation of life wave forms.”


Music “The Fountain.”

“Mass is a phenomenon of connecting light rays which go back and forth, sort of freezing them into a pattern. So matter, as it were, is condensed or frozen light.”- David Bohm, Ph.D., Theoretical Physicist, Dialogues with Scientists and Sages, 1986.  +  Illustration by Scientific American from computer modeling of the collapsing death of a 4-D star that ejects mass through 4-D black hole where its event horizon is a 3-D shell around the 4-D black hole. Our universe is that shell in a hypothesis by Niayesh Afshordi, Ph.D., Asst. Professor of Physics and Astronomy; Robert B. Mann, Ph.D., Prof. and former Chair of Physics and Astronomy; and Razieh Pourhasan, Ph.D. candidate in Theoretical Physics —  all at the Univ. of Waterloo and Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. See “The Black Hole at the Beginning of Time,”  August 2014, Scientific American print and ScientificAmerican.com.


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