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The Moon has many mysterious effects. During a Supermoon, the moon is opposite the Sun from earth’s point of view.  It can also be a time when the Moon is closest to the earth with an exceptionally powerful drawing of fluids.  The moon cycles effect plants and humans.

The painting focuses on a centuries old meeting in 411 B.C.  Females gathering to use their influence to change current conditions as in an old legend from Aristophanes.  I was very impressed with this poem when I read it in college, how similar we are even over 2,000 years.

The women disguised in costumes of Ravens, reflect in the full bright moonlight pondering their dilemma :  wars are killing people.  Goal is to stop the meaningless wars.  A solution was culminated, to stop sex until the wars end ! 

Surrealistic scene emphasizes the cloaks of iridescent feathers that reflect in the moonlight lifting toward the radiant moon.  The moonbeams are actually Sun Reflections at night enveloping everything in a twilight bluish cool haze while other mysterious objects are veiled.  Reflecting and reflection are prominent here, I love the play on words.  As in identities hidden in cloaking guises, Lysistrata begins her quest with the support of other concerned women.


The music is “Moon Ghosts” by Michael Hoppe’ with his magnificent cello.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Lysistrata’s Mask : Ravens Reflect