The darkest areas appear to us as devoid of life - empty.  So we tend to ignore “the empty space”.

Only in patience will we perceive the dim life glowing in the void.  Whether its brain neurons in gray matter, seedlings sprouting in gray dirt crevices or electrical connections between bodies in the dark matter universe … life ignites and connects. 

Neurons appear to whisper across the brainspace with electrical impulses at the speed of light and in some cases even before an event occurs.  They nestle quietly growing until the spark releases the information exchange.  Nodes, orbs or galaxies in darkness wait to resonate when action is needed.

Many things do grow in the dark where life seems impossible.  Dendrites can grow within the void of the brain even after injury.

A dark zone in the gulf or in the ocean can respond over time and in the darkest zone of space Hubble came back with pictures of “Deep Field” - pristine galaxies from 13 billion years ago.

In Japanese Zen, Ma is the emptiness of space - as important as objects: the koan MU - means “no-thing” which is “everything”.  MU allows room for the universe. The figures dressed in black in key Japanese films of past were “fate” the dark zone of all possibilities that could unfold in the empty space.

Artist ~ S. Richardson quote

Music by J Cook “Red”.


Monday, December 30, 2013

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