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Star Fish 2017


Ah, three plus years later since that first aqua stroke of liquid splashed on the canvas in 2013.  I always sensed that icons were missing in this piece to describe the StarFish meaning.  I pondered…

Will this metaphor stream outward in cascading waves unfolding the real legend ~ engaging more onlookers to peer beyond the illusion of the Sand Fish, Sand Dollars, and sandy pristine beaches? 


In 1997, a long clear dream penetrated my stillness.  I will summarize it & the meaning.  ...‘As I walked away from the dark gloomy buildings and stepped out across a grassy celadon field, blinding light flashed into me with the most beautiful scene one could ever imagine : a gorgeous brilliant intense RED TREE rushed forward.  It penetrated my skin and blazed through my body. In suspended time, I could feel the light instantly in every single pore. The incredible sight was so overwhelming I knew it was God and I wept with joy. As if I was the IRIS and it flowed straight through me fell to the ground. I was humbled.

And much later in the dream as I started to wake, I thought I saw someone in the dream maybe a shadow - and I was not sure who this could be left behind, thus the angel of uncertainty in the Red Tree Dream painting iconically (unimportant in the experience really as it distracts the full meaning). It will be erased .

The importance of the RED TREE DREAM is the connection, the essence of God and the like the beauty of the experience that petals out within as a sparked flower.  How wonderful to be a part of a “vividly colorful” scene with the precision of each object in the dream merging within me. I can see & feel this clearly, the radiant iridescent red branches and cool blue mountains in the distance even today as fresh as dewey rain.

Thus, the red tree in StarFish Path has a deeper meaning for me, and the binary twins join to change the landscape. As we peer into the color many objects emerge: a small orb, a large dark shadow reflected on the water waves as they sweep starfish similar to starBeings (human like figures) into the white swirling hole. 

Are we traveling through the thin keyhole hourglass drawn to the light , unaware of the white hole reenactment of MATTER ? Time will tell.

2014 Version

Star Fish on a Star Path...

We tend to view objects and not identify with their forms.

Star fish lying on the sand bar in the ocean resemble star “fish” shapes scattered in the milky way.  Gathering in the form of the golden ratio of life, sea stars are melting by the thousands into the sand : legs and arms dispersing into grains of sand.

Sea Stars meet a spiral vortex of nature - a black hole in the ocean which absorbs everything in its path erasing even the empty sand dollars : above and below ground.

There was once an ancient calendar that told of space and time created by nature herself : a “13” moon calendar on the backs of the Sea Turtle.  Enjoyed by the North American Indians, Mayans and Hindus these 13 segments were actually the cycle of life displayed out later into pictures and stories : constellations.

The universal icons remind us of our connectedness and strip time as we embrace the ideas of the past.  Is the new light from the galactic center beaming brightly to cause an “uncovering”?  It did for me.


~ “Dedicated to all the melting starfish, ...deceased sea turtles, fish and sea creatures of the vast oceans (depicted on England, Vancouver, California beaches and all coastlines across the world). We are all connected!”

Music by George Winston “Lights in the Sky”.

article STARFISH FROM SEA TO DUST Nov 29, 2013 link below...

Article at earthfiles about the Golden Spiral:

    Golden Ratio's 1.618 the Mathematical constant of matter...  Key to Space-Time Topography and Biology in the Universe?   “The time has come to recognize that relativity and quantum theories can be integrated, and linked numerically, to the value of a mathematical constant . Phi 1.618 — whether in the context of space-time or biology.”- Jan Boeyens, Ph.D. and Francis Thackeray, Ph.D.

Phi is also the defining topography of Space and Time. That would mean that time and space are defined by spirals. That might mean that Time recycles — a concept that might also include reincarnation as machinery of the universe in which evolving consciousness recycles in and out of matter containers at births and deaths.


Saturday, May 20, 2017

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