Monday, March 11, 2013

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TimeWave ~ the Road to Awe


“As we have ended 2012, it was known by many that a new era was arriving with the beginning of a new timewave ~ 2013.  Passing of ages reminds me of a cool, brilliant moonlit night in a quiet forest leaves muffle the sounds and limbs are bare as wispy clouds drift by.  The colors of the prism returning from the stars as the reflection in the water mirrors back its radiance.  Warmer tan sunset light filters through the stark limbs striking the walkway daring the journeyer to mingle with the stars.

The end of this age is a “path” story unfolding with drama and characters like Pleiades, the 13th constellation, Scorpius and the Galactic Center of photons to celebrate the new year.  It is an ancient tale from 26,000 years ago and it is not finished just yet.”


Music by Tim Larkin “The Time Machine” from Myst.

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